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TOBY (2015)

Writer: Luke Barnes

Producer: Jodie Brown

"Toby’s 25. He lives at home with his mum. He works at a supermarket. Tonight, he's decided to do something."

The San Francisco Short Film Festival 2015

The London Short Film Festival 2015

The Berlin British Shorts Festival 2015

The Barbican Focus Film Festival 2015

Short Sighted Cinema - The Shortest Nights 2015


"There were a number of subtle, darkly funny moments in the film, as well as moments of pure pathos. It was a character piece that could have fallen flat given its short 7 minute running time, but confident direction and a strong performance by Luke Barnes (who also wrote it) drew the audience in and carried the film.....Its simplicity was to its credit and its execution made it one of the best films of the night." - DAVID PRICE, GORILLA FILM MAGAZINE


"This is a film which at once feels political, socially minded and disarmingly simple. Whilst it does seem to be addressing Britain today, the limitations of modern life and the power of dreams, it’s also simply a small character study of the working everyman. " - MR RUMSEY'S FILM RELATED MUSINGS

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